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8 Core Values I Base My Life On by Darius Foroux

Your character is defined by values. And your core values are the result of your behavior. Aristotle said it best: “Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way.” For example, when you always tell the truth, you become an honest person....

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15 Life Changing Ideas By Daniel Foroux

I’m the last person to say that life is easy. I don’t think that’s the case at all. But there’s one thing I’ve learned in recent years that has changed everything. The way you THINK determines the outcome of your life. But thinking is hard. That’s why we don’t do it...

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Ten Habits Of Incredibly Happy People by Travis Bradberry

We’re always chasing something—be it a promotion, a new car, or a significant other. This leads to the belief that, “When (blank) happens, I’ll finally be happy.” While these major events do make us happy at first, research shows this happiness doesn’t last. A study...

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This is how Google motivates its employees by Stephanie Vozza

Google is consistently rated as being a top employer, and the culture it created helps to attract and retain top talent. The company optimizes its talent by designing and motivating strong teams—an ability that is essential to be successful, says Robert Bruce Shaw,...

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