• Place past due accounts with a collection services agency on a contingency fee basis, never pay up front collection fees or commit to any other fees;
  • Use a collection agency that treats your clients, customers or patients in a manner that you are comfortable with;
  • Use a collection agency that skip traces (locating debtors) and reports past due accounts to the credit bureaus without charge;
  • Use a collection agency that is affiliated with collection attorneys in the event that legal action is necessitated;
  • Do not sign a contract with a collection agency that locks up your accounts with them for a long period of time or does not allow you to quickly take back your accounts from them if no positive collection activity has taken place;
  • When remitting accounts for collection, supply a detailed invoice of products or services rendered, an agreement signed by the debtor, if one exists, and all demographic information about the debtor (i.e. application form).

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